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Aventuras Únicas

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It has been our dream to create Unique Adventures to the most remote and exciting destinations around the globe. We feel it as our mission; to let you experience the adrenaline, exploring the unknown and witnessing the breathtaking beauties that our planet withholds. These one-of-a-kind adventures are personally hand-crafted by our founders, Jasper Sigon and Vanessa Mestre. Together, we will experience the utmost authentic adventures.


For instance, the V&J Rally is an event that we proudly host once a year, a unique road trip with great splendour that will take you through the most famous and challenging roads that Europe has to offer. We kick-off from Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and finish in Nice (France) where we will aboard the helicopter to Monte-Carlo to attend the most famous F1 Grand Prix for the weekend.


With each journey we work closely with partners that are leaders in their own industry to ensure the highest quality. Guided by the finest local experts, these unique journeys feature exclusive insider access to fascinating history, cuisine and destinations. All these experiences are combined with extraordinary accommodations, from the beautiful lodges located on the most remote and magical locations of Africa, to a view over the Torres del Paine at Patagonia while enjoying a spa after a day hiking.

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