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The Dolce Vita Way of Skiing


Besides being one of our founders’ favourite ski destinations, in January-2023, Jasper Sigon (V&J Co-Founder) returned to the amazing Super Dolomiti Ski region, together with the incredible team from the Alta Badia brand. We created a unique gourmet safari combined with epic skiing. The following narrative is written by Jasper himself to share his own experience and inspire you for the next season.

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After an energizing breakfast at our accommodation, the marvellous La Majun Hotel, we collected the ski gear and head up the mountain in La Villa. After a good warmup downhill on a black slope, we started skiing from one amazing slope to the other, each with breathtaking views over the Dolomites, and from one hut to the next to taste one of the new dishes from local and internationally renowned chefs, such as Norbert Niederkofler (Executive Chef at Restaurant St.Hubertus at Hotel Rosa Alpina, 3 Michelin-star and 1 green star), and Simone Cantafio (Restaurant La Stüa de Michil at Hotel La Perla, 1 Michelin-star). They brought truly outstanding cuisine to the slopes of Alta Badia at a height of 2.000m, inspired by the best products of the region, based on their own philosophy in the kitchen. True works-of-art will be presented, not only for the palate, but also for the eye. To make it even more awe inspiring, the chefs created their dishes with the focus on reducing waste and protecting our planet. On top of all of that, each dish was accompanied by South Tyrolean wine, chosen by a South Tyrolean sommelier.

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The next day we headed out very early and went up by snow mobile to have breakfast at 2.000m in the Las Vegas lodge. Witnessing the sun rise against the massif Dolomites is a definitely a memorable view. Afterwards, we were joined by Damian Pallestrong, a local professional slalom, alpine and cross-country skier from Alta Badia. Following a short briefing, we started The Great War Ski Tour, that stretches for 80km, to discover some of the dramatic events of the World War I (WWI). We headed out to Cortina d’Ampezzo to ski the Super 8 & Cinque Torri loop, surrounded by the splendid views of the Col di Lana, the Tofana di Rozes, the Castelletto and the Col dei Bos. Damian explained and showed us the Italian trenches of WWI and how strategical important the Dolomites were, and still are. Did you know that the technical term Alpine Skier originates from the Ladin culture? And today, they are still born alpine and cross-country skiers!

We then headed to the heart of the Dolomites, the highest peak in the Alta Badia region, Mount Lagazuoi at 2.732m. On our way up with the cable car, we could clearly see the loopholes of the Italian mine tunnel and the Tre Sassi Fort on the road to the Valparola Pass. When we arrived at the summit, we directly turned right off piste to the the Austrian emplacement Feldwache 4 (FW 4), the only emplacement on the front line of WWI that can be reached on skis. It was dug into the ridge, called Muraglia Rocciosa by the Italians; a rock wall fortified by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers to defend the Lagazuoi saddle. This emplacement is a tunnel dug into the rock with two armored emplacements for machine guns and two embrasures for the observation of the areas Col dei Bos and Castelletto. After this stunning experience we descended to the Armentarola slope to continue with one of the most stunning environments of the Dolomites.

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The following day, it was time for the “Sommelier on the slopes ski tour”. When we stepped out of the gondola, we met with a ski instructor and professional sommelier. After a short route briefing, we set out from ski hut to ski hut. From top wine to top wine, a true wine ski safari or in Ladin language, De dl Vin. Involving truly mesmerizing skiing on Alta Badia's slopes, combined with the chance to taste South Tyrol's finest wines at the most outstanding mountain huts, such as, Ütia de Bioch, Club Moritzino, Ütia I Tablá, Ütia Las Vegas Lodge, Ütia Lé, Ütia Tamá and Ütia Pic Pré. While enjoying our wines we could admire the Dolomites from our seats.  The perfect way to kick off any winter season dedicated to excellent skiing, food and wine in style.

Do you want to experience the Dolce Vita way of skiing? Get in touch with us and let’s plan your next ski vacation.

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