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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2021


Embark on the ultimate adventure to Antarctica, known for its breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife and opportunities for scientific research, conservation and discovery. On December-4, 2021, this extraordinary stage is set for a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon: a total solar eclipse. Join your fellow guests on the deck as the luminosity of Antarctica changes into darkness – describing it as a stunning experience is not enough. We have fantastic cruise voyage options that will let you experience this incredible phenomenon in great grandeur.

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Option 1

Total Solar Eclipses are rare in Antarctica; it has been 16 years since humans witnessed the first Total Solar Eclipse on the 7th continent. In 2021, we will take you to join an extraordinary Solar Eclipse Voyage, together with a former NASA scientist. Crafted for eclipse chasers or to anybody wishing to experience something unique, the itinerary offers the rare opportunity to witness the total eclipse of the sun while also setting foot in Antarctica. Once there, you will also get the chance to explore the rarely visited sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands and South Georgia. During your voyage, you will have the opportunity to participate in talks led by the former NASA scientist known as “Mr. Eclipse,” who has participated in 29 eclipse expeditions around the world, while getting to know the region, its wildlife and history. On December-4, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse, you will receive a pair of eclipse glasses, and an invitation to a special evening celebration where you can relive your eclipse experience with fellow passengers. The excitement of the voyage continues as your ship then departs for South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, where you will explore regions rich in wildlife and polar history.

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Option 2

Experience this exceptional polar eclipse aboard your private yacht with our Yacht Expeditions, be awe-inspired as you relax in complete splendour. Joined by a professional photographer to assist you to take the perfect shot while listen to an astronomic scientist that highlights the eclipse, a truly extraordinary experience. During this voyage we will sail to Enterprise Island in search for humpback whales and orcas and embark the helicopter for skiing down the mountains above the beautiful views of the fjords. Dive into the deep blue waters of Paradise Bay with your submersible and be amazed by the underwater paradise of Antarctica. Visit the old whaling stations and shipwrecks left behind. Fly to Mount Shackleton to savour a sundowner while enjoying the sunset or visit trinity Island, home to various penguin colonies, to witness how they flourish. Make 2021 an experience of a lifetime combining the White Desert with a spectacular total solar eclipse.

As a companion to the annular eclipse on June-10, 2021 earlier in the year, the circumpolar ring of Fire eclipse will begin in Russia then pass over Greenland before ending in Canada. The circumpolar Total Solar Eclipse will be visible exclusively from Antarctica. Maximum duration is 1 minute 54 seconds just as the eclipse enters the Weddell Sea alongside the Antarctic Peninsula. Perhaps hundreds of researchers at the various Antarctic bases will witness a partial solar eclipse. The eclipse path curves westward and passes over the sparsely populated South Orkney Islands.

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