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“More than 2 years ago, Vanessa and I got married and it was truthfully a day to remember. Today, we still receive messages from our family and friends about how amazing and memorable that day was for them. For us, having such busy lives, a big part of the process was our honeymoon, it was a period where we really wanted to retreat and enjoy each other on an unforgettable adventure. At the time, for us, that was Cuba.” – Jasper Sigon

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The wedding is such a remarkable day in our life, that the honeymoon should be the journey of a lifetime, preparing us for a “together forever” ride. It is one of the most important vacations you will ever take.

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We understand more than ever that such a celebratory occasion needs to fully speak to your interests and inspiration. Whether enjoying the turquoise waters surrounding your ocean villa in Fiji, Maldives, or the beautiful islands of the Seychelles, or even if you crave for adrenaline and adventure alongside your chilled glass of champagne and luxury accommodations – with Voyages & Journeys you are definitely in for a treat.

We are here to make sure that your honeymoon is exceptional. From an exotic island experience in the heart of the Indian Ocean or South Pacific, a beautiful voyage through Raja Ampat or an action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled adventure in Norway, Costa Rica, the beautiful Galapagos Islands or Australia and New Zealand. We will take you beyond the extraordinary.

An adventurous honeymoon means that we really guide you to off-the-beaten path destinations. Pass the night among the most extraordinary stargazing locations like a luxury tented camp in the empty quarter (Oman), or explore the wilderness of British Columbia, or head to Western Australia and experience exceptional biodiversity and activities, from swimming with whale sharks and whales, or fly fishing, heli mountain biking and horse riding in Wanaka (New Zealand).

There are also honeymoon destinations much closer to home where you can turn up the intensity and the romance. Discover the Élan of Portugal, the beautiful landscapes of Italy, or the land of fire and ice (Iceland), or even take your predator dune buggy through the Agafay desert in Marrakech.

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We offer experiences for the true adrenaline seekers for every season. Whatever sort of thrills you are after, there is an adventure honeymoon out there that is just waiting for you! We are looking forward to realizing a honeymoon that goes beyond the extraordinary.

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