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With spectacular tenders, toys, professional diving equipment and aircraft facilities, this 66 meters shadow vessel truly opens the door to great adventure. As one of 2019’s most anticipated unveilings, Hodor triggers great excitement in the world of yachting with its fleet of extraordinary toys that truly makes the guests experience unforgettable. But the super exciting part is Hodor’s capabilities to access the most remote areas, where we can create unique underwater exploration, helicopter trips and have a wide selection of recreational gadgets to our disposal for both water and land excursions.

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It’s the first launch in the Shadow Cat series from Australian design firm Incat Crowther, built to support the 87m Lonian superyacht. With its ingenious multihull design, it adheres any demands without sacrificing any of its nautical capabilities. A special IMO Tier 3 compliant exhaust cleaning system reduces greenhouse gasses emitted by the vessel. Apart from two Humphree active interceptors on the stern which reduces pitching motions while underway, no additional stabilisation systems needed to be installed on Hodor given the inherent stability provided by the hull design.

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Every inch of Hodor is fully customised, as designers and naval architects of the project worked closely with the vessel’s owner who was in search to extend recreational capabilities and additional supplies such as crew and equipment. This specific design really puts deck and storage space to another dimension and provides an incredible stability and efficiency on the water while maintaining the uttermost comfort.

What to find on Board

Hodor comes with its own advanced dive centre, which is fully equipped with compressors, NITROX and O2 facilities and a decompression chamber in the yacht’s hospital. Operates with 20 crew members, all of whom are accommodated for in double and twin ILO-compliant quarters.

Hodor’s strength lies in its ability to safely carry a fleet of five tenders on its aft decks and to deal with helicopter operations with a D-value fully certified helicopter landing pad of 16m that can accommodate helicopters up to 6t such as one of our favourite helicopters the EC145. The large knuckle boom and twin beam cranes stand ready to launch and receive a variety of tenders, the largest of which being a 17 meters long chase boat with four high-performance outboard engines. Besides all that adrenaline fuelled tenders you will find Hodor’s own submarine, fully prepared to offer you a truly unique and immersive experience, exploring the hidden depths of the ocean. If you think this is it, a little bit further below the deck of this adventurer’s toy box you will find jet skis, all-terrain vehicles and dune buggies.

Having Hodor accompanying you on your voyage, you are in for a great and unique adventure.

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