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Ocean Bottle and Voyages & Journeys


Sadly, plastic is polluting our global oceans at an incredible pace. Conservation and preservation of our global ecosystems stands at the core of our ethos and with Voyages & Journeys you explore with purpose - through our unique adventures we are able to support conservation projects around the globe. Everyone, every being, deserves a clean and healthy environment.

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We are super excited to announce our partnership with Ocean Bottle, a company that makes a real impact on the state of our oceans. Each bottle funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic, the equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles, and stops them from ever entering our blue world.

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We are always looking for new ways to create more awareness for conservation and preservation. Once that we are so aligned with the mission to save the oceans, and concern about the critical impact that plastic is having on every form of life, we have decided to partner-up with the Ocean Bottle to support their long-term solution to the plastic crisis.

Every traveller that travels with V&J will receive a customised V&J Ocean Bottle, so before you even kick off your next adventure you are already making a crucial impact. The bottle itself is part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic, it has been created to last a lifetime, it is easily recyclable and never compromises on impact.

How does it work? Plastic Collectors (locals around the globe) collect plastic from river systems and along the coastlines before it enters the ocean. The collected plastic goes to collection points where it can be exchanged by financial support. These collection points support the Collectors to get access to social recourses, such as health care, tuition, or financial advice. The collected plastic will be upcycled or co-processed sustainably into new products, such as the Ocean Bottle.

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It is such a privilege to see our V&J Ocean Bottles during your journeys and adventures. Thank you and make sure that you share a picture of your bottle – do not forget to tag #TheOceanBottle or @oceanbottle and us on your social media to raise as much awareness as possible.

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