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Travel with the Family

Experiential Travel with the Family


Searching the adventures with your kids (young or older) is incredibly rewarding for the entire family. If there is one thing that we have been noticing, is that families are more cautious in their approach towards experiential travel. For the last years is more usual to book a villa vacation or resort somewhere comfortable and close to a beach, enclosed in a relaxed environment. There is an undoubted difference in providing a childcare and stress-free atmosphere in the most remote and adventuress environments around the globe, that translates in mom and dad getting the deserved relax time while enjoying magnificent experiences hand-crafted for them. We take great pleasure in working with young generations, as we can see that it unlocks so much new potential.

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It is the greatest gift to educate the next generation about the beautiful ecological diversities and wildlife that our planet holds, while at the same time we alert them the terrible effects of climate change and the endangered species list that continue to expand. There is no better satisfaction than to witness a child exploring new habitats and being so excited about it.

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During the planning phase nothing changes for us, we still perform exhaustive research of every aspect of the journey to ensure that we cover every detail of safety and health. As you might have noticed by now, we really strive for a trustful relationship with each client and during our planning we keep close contact to shape it to client’s wishes. If requested we also look for au-pairs, tutors or babysitters to join the family, once we have understood the family needs and children’s likes and dislikes. We want to make sure that every member of the family gets involved in all activities, so that they can share those moments.

We craft voyages that combine activities around the children’s school years, providing valuable education to use during or on upcoming school year. Depending on the time schedule of their school vacations we can take the family to destinations that offer plenty of variety. For example, it is amazing to travel around the Galapagos Islands, but we can turn it into a whole other experience if you are joined by a naturalist specialist in the local environment.

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Of course, there are certain adventures and environments that just are not suitable for children. If the possibility is there to ensure everyone can be involved in a journey, without compromising safety and health, we will make it possible. Our method to experiential travel assures that we provide an itinerary to meet every requirement of each family member to experience the extraordinary.

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