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Celebrate Every Moment in Life

The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don't celebrate those, they can pass you by.

- Alek Wek -

We all have those moments in our lives that require an out of this world celebration, an exceptional journey that is set apart of any other vacation and marks a milestone, important date, or event. With Voyages & Journeys specialists by your side you are in for a memorable celebratory experience.


For Jasper, “every afternoon is a moment to celebrate with an Aperol Spritz or a glass of bubbles”. Every special moment in our lives is worth celebrating, a recovery, milestone with your company, birthday, or romantic occasion. These moments make the journey a lot more special.


Are you looking to get the family together? Jasper and Vanessa know very well how important those moments are, once that Vanessa’s family live in the South of Portugal and Jasper’s family live on the other side of Europe, “When we are together with our families or fiends, we always make sure that the day has no tomorrow.”


With our knowledge and unique adventures, we will bring your inspiration and ideas to life. From astonishing safaris across the African plains, or the tundra fields in Patagonia to the untamed and rough landscapes in Iceland or Norway. Ranging from the beauty and romance in the South Pacific and her idyllic destinations, to intrepid adventures through the Northwest of China or the sensational hikes across British Columbia, all our adventures are tailored-made to suit whatever it is you wish to be the ultimate celebration.

When to start planning?

Having the responsibility to plan a company outing or any large group can be a handful of work and time consuming, trying to entertain a variety of wishes and desires, especially when you want to travel to another country and outside your comfort zone. We have the privilege to travel around the world in search of those remote and exceptional destinations that offer those remarkable experiences. Getting out of the comfort zone and pushing through those boundaries is exactly what we do at Voyages & Journeys, and we feel very comfortable. The result is a stress-free experience for you while we take you and the group of an epic experience that will exceed expectations.


At Voyages & Journeys, trust is one of our core values, you can trust us, and we will deliver a combination of exceptional experiences and moments that will remain forever with you.

Where to celebrate? A secluded destination or on a private yacht?

Regardless of the destination of your choice, the celebrations begin from the moment you step foot out the door, by combining fantastic accommodations, to exploring the edges around the world onboard the most exceptional yachts that possess everything you can imagine. Superyachts are really built for groups - the perfect platform to carry out remarkable adventures.


V&J is there for you, to design bespoke adventures and create the ultimate celebrations to destinations we long to discover, staying at accommodations, properties and onboard yachts that will exceed all the expectations.

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