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Mundo 007

O Mundo do 007

Step Into the Footsteps of the Most Famous Secret Agent in the World

Oh, I travel… Sort of licensed troubleshooter.

- James Bond -


“The adventurous and elegant way of travelling the world like 007, always inspired me from a young age.” - Jasper Sigon. At Voyages & Journeys, every itinerary is crafted out by combining your ambitions with our perspective and knowledge. However, the following adventures will take you back in time and let experience these marvellous destinations inspired by the incredible adventures of James Bond. We have put together some of the destinations where we will provide entire hand-crafted experiences on location that will bring the Bond movies to life.

Retrieve the stolen cipher machine


Home to some of the world’s most eye-wateringly beautiful cities, architecture, colours and landscapes, Italy is one of the destinations that James Bond keeps returning to, From Russia with Love to No Time to Die.


Start your “mission” in the city of gondolas as you journey through the canals and cobbled streets of Venice, absorbing the magic of this remarkable floating city, while you try to find a trail to the location of the Russian spy that stole the cipher machine. After a lead head to Naples by light jet. On arrival step into the latest Aston Martin and make your way to the beautiful region of Matera. Discover the Sassi of Matera and the uncontaminated Murgia of Matera through the Tibetan Bridge; hike the Gravina and discover the beautiful naturalistic settings. You are getting close, complete your mission on board a private yacht like the elegant Shenandoah of Sark or the extreme exploration yacht BOLD, and set sail to Sardinia. You are informed that the Russian spy was intercepted, intel shows his vessel is located on the bottom of the ocean somewhere in the Rada di Alghero. Dive down by submersible or with scuba gear and retrieve the cipher machine.