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A Nossa Promessa

A Nossa Promessa

As we look ahead to future travel plans, we all know that so much has changed. At V&J, we want you to feel confident when deciding whether to book a vacation with us. Now more than ever, flexibility receives the importance it deserves. You want guarantees that any travel plans you make will be flexible, secure, and fully supported. Working with a travel organisation like V&J means that you will have at your disposal all the required support and assurance that every detail is carefully planned, once that we design our journeys on such a way that it gives you and your travel companions total peace of mind to relax and enjoy your well-deserved and well-overdue time away.

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Plan with reliability

When we start creating your bespoke voyage, we take every tiny detail in consideration with absolute precision. Because of our experience working in the most remote and harsh environments around the globe, we are used to anticipate, adapt, update and execute. Due to our amazing partners that are truly pioneers in their profession, we are continuously updated about the travel regulations and restrictions. We wish nothing else but to deliver unforgettable moments that turn into stories for years to come.

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Travel insurance

As a safe travel partner from Global Rescue, we are delighted to say that we can take you to the most remote places on earth safely, secured, and with medical evacuation coverage for the harshest environments. We can offer travel insurance guidance and together with your designated travel specialist you can go over the details to seek advice, to have all the necessary arrangements in place – for example, if you have tested positive for Covid-19 you have to go into quarantine and are denied travelling and professional help can help you to navigate through the bureaucracy. Speak to your travel specialist, and we will guide you through the procedures and actions to be taken.

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Digital Security While Traveling

Both your safety and your vital digital information can be compromised when you travel. As a responsible tour operator, it is important to explain and let you understand the risks and learn how to protect yourself when you’re in a foreign country with unknown digital threats.

Together with your travel specialist you will perform, (like we use to say) a “digital diligence”, that when done in advance can save you from some major headaches, including compromised private data, theft of personal information and even stolen identities.

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Venture with Confidence

We take pride in our approach and work ethics to secure client safety. Especially now, it is crucial to ensure safe and worry-free travel for everyone. We work with trusted suppliers globally, wherever you plan to spend your vacation, we will be on hand 24/7 should any support be needed. Our objective is to ensure your time away should be all about enjoying yourselves. Leaving us to take care of everything to help you explore safely.

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