Voyages & Journeys connects all seven continents, from jumping kangaroos on the beautiful white sand beaches of kangaroo island and kayaking; to the icebergs of the Antarctic feeling the warm breath of a hump whale; or to the ancient and mysterious ruins of Petra; or to the beautiful turquoise waters of Sardinia; or to many more exciting destinations and experiences.


We understand that an unforgettable journey is not just about where you go, it is also how to get there. We believe that there is always a way to discover the world’s most enchanting travel destinations, in great grandeur and explore the most undiscovered, culturally and geographical ecological diverse regions on the planet in with an unequal comfort and style, while never sacrificing authenticity.


Whether you travel with a small group of like-minded adventurers, or an intimate party for family and friends, or even alone, you need to know the right people, whom are aware of the most extraordinary activities and experiences. This is our strength! Throughout the years we build-up a unique network of industry partners that are leading in their industry and putting it next to a good plan, we reach the most remote corners of the globe.


We encourage responsible traveling and we feel the need to provide each of our voyages on a sustainable way and raise the bar of experiential travel to provide you with a journey of a lifetime.


What will be your next adventure?